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    Will Savory Position: Assistant Pastor

    I Love Jesus but more than that I KNOW Jesus Loves me!

    I was born in Cornwall and grew up in Gloucester, I went to church and Sunday school with my family, but that didn’t make me a Christian, I knew about God but didn’t know God for myself, I lived a double life, one for a Sunday and another for the rest of the week, as I got older the difference between the two got greater and greater. I lived for a good time, partying, drinking on park benches, treating girls badly, just trying to be popular and looking for life really. I talked about God, I even told my friends they should come to church, but I didn’t get the reality of my sins and Jesus certainly wasn’t the Lord or boss of my life. Then at the age of 17 God spoke to me through a man preaching the gospel to me. I thought I’d heard it all before (and I had!) but this time God spoke to my heart and I knew that I needed to ask him to forgive my sin, that I needed to follow him and live my life for Him, the one who died to save me. I am a different man now than I was then, Jesus has changed my life and now I’ve really started living! I feel like that old hymn says “ I once was lost but now am found, I once was blind but now I see!”.

    I studied history at Swansea University, where I met my now wife Emma and found my church family here at Mount Pleasant Baptist.  I enjoyed being part of the rugby club at uni and worked as a doorman in a nightclubs and bars. After Uni I continued to work the doors, I also worked as a church apprentice at Mount, following that I worked in a special teaching facility for children with specific learning needs for several years, then in another comprehensive as a pastoral assistant (an assistant head of year, working with pupils and their parents) and got married!  All of which has helped me to work out my faith in Jesus in a real way and in September 2012 Mount Pleasant Church called me to come on as an assistant Pastor. In 2013 Emma and I became parents to our beautiful daughter.

    My passion is to tell other people about Jesus! I believe that the local church is God’s great plan for the world and to change the world you need to follow Jesus and get stuck into Church. Jesus changed my life and my destiny and I want everyone to know about his amazing Father who lavished his love on me!

    I am also leading a team of people from Mount to plant a church, to reach those who haven’t heard the great news of Jesus, in Neath. This is in partnership with SaRang Community Church’s ( Seoul, Korea)  Valley Commando’s project.  Emma and I are really excited to be part of this amazing project and can’t wait to see what God will do!

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