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These are some of the people in the church...

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    Brian McGregor

    What do you do at Mount?

    Work as an apprentice.

    How did you become a Christian?

    I grew up very proud and had only a little exposure to church by my uncle. I was arrogant and didn’t give Gods love the response that was due. I had not come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and was aware that God was trying to reach me. I know that if I had listened I would have been saved. My response was anger. I remember screaming up at the sky at God in anger, demanding that he get out of my life so that I could do what I wanted to. I totally went my own way and tried to take my life in despair. Instead of this turning me to God I used it as an excuse, a springboard to sin. I changed schools and started to take drugs and rebel. I had grand plans of ruling the city, it was obviously a stupid idea, but I was blinded by my own selfish desires.

    Life was all an adventure until I reached 17 and then it started to get very scary. I found myself in a dark place. I became addicted to heroin and found myself living on and off the streets, begging for money. My mind was going crazy and suicidal. For the next 7 years I would be a slave to sin and drugs. One day whilst my mind was full of suicidal thoughts, my auntie visited and it triggered a childhood memory. It was such a happy memory, but it me left crying in despair as it was so different to the pit I was stuck in. Because of this memory it left thinking about God and how I treated God. I remember looking up to the sky and saying “God help me, I want truth. I don’t want false help, but I want to come to that which truly helps and I believe you are the one who can show me.”

    I managed to get a job, despite my condition, about 9 months after I said this prayer. I had a Christian as a colleague, she was very happy and I asked her about God and she kept talking about Jesus, I was thoroughly disturbed yet thoroughly interested. I went to her church and responded to Jesus every week. I tried to change my life and take less harmful drugs, but I was still very mixed up. I wasn’t sure if I was saved or not and one day I found that I couldn’t get the thought of taking drugs out of my mind. Then my thoughts turned to suicide. I found myself in a house about to kill myself, but then the man that I was with handed me a piece of paper that said “Do not dare turn your back on God, but turn to Jesus”, then 1 John 1:9 “if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse from all unrighteousness.” I changed my mind about killing myself.

    Because of this I went into a Christian rehab program called Teen Challenge, where in the first week I learned that my problem was that I was trying to be Christian. I learned that it is God who cleanses us from our wickedness. This was a great relief for a man who was trying to please God by His own merit. I got on my knees, asked, believed and trusted Jesus Christ to save me from my sins.


    Tell us something about yourself.

    I am a family man now, with a beautiful wife called Susie and a very handsome son Samuel. I enjoy being outdoors and doing practical stuff. I find great joy in lots of different sports and love to travel (if it goes smoothly). I have been a gardener and farmer in the past and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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